Facebook Internship


Enable consumers and small business owners to manage their loyalty programs on Facebook


Promotional Tools, Business Family Foundations, Ads and Business Products


Product Design Intern


Figma, Keynote, Proton, Sketch


June 2020 — August 2020




Facebook aims to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.


In June 2020, I joined the Promotional Tools team as a product design intern. The Promotional Tools team owns the loyalty experience for Facebook. At Facebook, I worked on B2B and B2C experiences in collaboration with engineers, a content strategist, a researcher, a product manager, and other product designers.


Because the work I've done has not been made public yet, I'm unable to disclose details regarding my work at this time. However, I'd be more than happy to sit down and talk with you about my time at Facebook.

Closing Thoughts


I was initially placed in the Seattle area but due to COVID-19, I worked remotely in Vancouver, Canada. Even though this wasn't the internship that I imagined, I still took away many things, even working from my bedroom.

The biggest takeaway for me was to communicate with my cross-functional partners as early and frequently as I could. This enabled me to iterate, iterate, and iterate some more while receiving feedback with insights and perspectives outside of my own knowledge and background.

Thank you LaTiesha, Vincent, Prashant, Katie, Liz, Kevin, Michelle, Dale, Eric, Evan, Jenny, Gabriel, Aron, Cyrus, and many more.